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In Transatlantis, you play a crew of sky pirates that operate out of Atlantis, one of a handful of hidden “rogue cities” that exist around the world, bastions of freedom and individuality in a version of Earth that has been conquered by an alien empire known as the  Anath Dominion. Ordinarily, the Anath have the ability to control the minds of any humans who can hear the sound of their voice, but because of a inexplicable glitch in their abilities, transgender and nonbinary people (like yourselves) are immune. You and your crew have thrilling, heroic adventures as you defy the will of the Earth’s evil alien masters, and keep safe your loved ones back home.

The tone of the game is larger than life and heroic. You play super competent protagonists who are able to defeat lesser foes with a laugh and a well-timed quip. However, there is also a darker side to the setting, as you are still very much the underdogs. The vast forces of the Dominion’s military would leave our heroes totally outgunned in a straight fight, so you must complete your missions quickly and decisively before reinforcements arrive. If I had to boil the feel of Transatlantis down to a single word, I’d call it cyberpulp.

For some cultural touchstones, think about Overwatch, X-COM 2, Captain Marvel, Firefly, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Disney’s Robin Hood, The Matrix, Black Sails, or pretty much any anime or fighting game of your choice.

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I played this recently, and had a ton of fun with it. It's very well thought out and allows you to play as a fun futuristic trans sky pirate. It was incredibly enjoyable as a transwoman to play as a trans character in this setting. It also provides a cool opportunity for cis identifying folks to roleplay trans characters themselves and explore these themes. I'm looking forward to playing this again with some friends in the near future!